This is a small interview made to very nice girl, VIKA GAZINSKAYA, she is a designer from Russian.

 The first time that I see you was near the beautiful Mira Duma and
 than you were appeared in many fashion blog. What's, in your mind, the
 biggest trait of your style?
I think, my own personality: just not copying the trends, but making them)))

 You are so young, when this passion for fashion is started?
Right from the childhood, when I first time saw a Barbie doll. I was 6 yeas old. Then my Mum presented me her only when I was 11 (in Soviet Union it was hard to buy Barbies and when the USSR felt apart, the Matell company appeared in Moscow)). So, from 11 I started to make all the dresses and the houses, furniture etc for her and her family...

When did you start to create clothes for your line?
So, it was approx. 4 yesrts ago...

It was hard to start?
Nothing is easy to start. But more harder to start and continue doing in the country with no fashion industry at all!

Are you inspired by any famous fashion designer? Who?
Many of them I LOVE! From the past it is Cristobal Balenciaga...

Is there any famous person (actress, singer..) who you'd like to dress up?
Oh yes! I am sure, Tilda Swinton needs my dress :)

Is there any typology of women that you imagine when you work?
No, just a real, sophisticated, looking perfect woman!

 What's your company policy, Is your company  expanding in Europe, I'd like to be your first
 Italian customer.
Oh, thank you!
I am planning to move my brand out of Russia, so, it means I will be more then I sell now.

Is there any capital of fashion wherein you'd like to have a fashion show?
Time will tell))))



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Laura Ann Jacobs è un'artista statunitense che realizza reggiseni e corpetti scultura fantastici e provocatori allo stesso tempo.

Non sono certo indossabili, ma vale la pena dare loro un'occhiata..

Con le sue opere suggestive, l'artista di San Francisco vuole denunciare a suo modo le "torture" a cui si sottopongono le donne per rendersi attraenti agli occhi degli uomini e per fare questo utilizza materiali come chele di granchio, madreperle, maioliche, corna di cervo e così via..



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