Time with Nino Eliava

This is a small interview made to beautiful girl, her name is Nino Eliava and her blog is trivial insanity

First at all thank you for granting us this small interview, how are you?

You’re always welcome. I’m great, thank you for asking =).

Let's start, you are so young and already married, when your passion for fashion world has started?

Love is unpredictable. When I was even younger I used to say that I don’t want to marry young, that it’s stupid, but now look at me. I’m incredibly happy that I married Nick, he is the best husband he can be and my family adores him.
I think that I have had passion for fashion since I was a little girl as my mother is a designer and her sketches and paintings have always amazed me. I was stupid enough not to listen to her and take business course in the university.

You also study in London College of Fashion, when you grow up what you'd like to become?

I’d like to discover new talents in fashion and make them successful.

I know about you through your blog, when this idea starts? Why?

I started thinking about it 3 years ago when I discovered for myself the world of blogging. And when I moved to London this idea generated into a blog. I follow huge amount of blogs and have favourites like Garance Dore, JakandJill, Hanneli, STREETFSN, Song of Style, The Man Repeller, Igor + Andre, Style by Kling and etc.

I want to congratulate you on your personal style. The elegance and good taste are so clear. In my mind you are at the same level with Natalia Alaverdian or Natasha Goldenberg. Is anyone your muse?

I know these girls actually and I love their style a lot, they are amazing. I studied in school with NG and worked with NA for couple of days.

Can you tell us your favorite fashion designer?

I have many favourites. This season my favourites are:

Your closet is so enviable, what's your favorite piece?

This season I can’t get enough of wearing Balenciaga runway boots and my old tweed jacket designed by my mom.

When you go out with your friends what shouldn't miss in your outfit?

I have been thinking about it for already couple of minutes and I feel like I’m always different and one thing that remains in my style is passion for bags.

And what is there inside you bag?

It depends on the occasion, but usually I carry my blackberry, visa + some cash, Agent Provocateur lip balm and MAC blush SWEET AS COCOA.

Can you help our followers? Can you describe your favorite look for night with friends? And what's about romantic night with partner?

My favourite look for nigh out would be colorful skirt with heels/boots and bright lip colour with a smile on my face.
For romantic night I would put on lace dress/skirt/top with espadrilles and happiness in my eyes.

Is there anything of collection of spring/summer 2011 that you love?

Lanvin espadrilles and lace dresses.

What is your next purchase?

I’m looking for red Maje blazer in size 36, wish me luck.

s a n d r a.

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